Timing Spells for Creativity

The spells you do to enhance your creativity will be more powerful if you do them at the right time. In most cases, you'll get better results if you do spells for creativity while the moon is waxing. However, if your goal is to eliminate an obstacle or condition that's blocking your imagination, do a spell during the waning moon. Spells to inspire a new project should be performed on the new moon; spells to bring a project to fruition should be done at the full moon.

Leo is the zodiac sign of self-expression and creativity. Therefore, an ideal time to do spells for creativity is while the moon and/or the sun is in Leo. Astrologers connect Pisces with imagination and Libra with artistic pursuits. If your intention involves these things, do a spell when the sun and/or moon is in one of these signs.

The best days of the week for doing spells for creativity are Friday and Sunday, the days ruled by Venus and the sun, respectively. These heavenly bodies govern the arts, beauty, creativity, self-expression, confidence, and identity. The best times for doing each of the spells in this chapter are indicated at the end of each spell.

If you know astrology or can consult with an astrologer, look for periods when transiting or progressed Venus or Neptune influences your birth chart in a positive way. Transiting or progressed Jupiter can expand your creativity, especially when it makes connections with Venus, Neptune, or the sun in your birth chart.

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