Your Home and You

Your home is more than a roof over your head and a place to store your stuff. Sayings such as “Home is where the heart is” and “There's no place like home” express the strong sentiments connected with the home. Owning a home is part of the American dream. For most people, their homes are their most valuable assets. Home is where you go to rest and relax, where friends and family gather to socialize, and where holidays are celebrated and life's passages marked.

The place you live in absorbs and retains your energy. Every home resonates with the unique vibrations of its inhabitants. Antique homes can retain the energetic patterns of all the people who've lived there over the centuries. Some old houses even boast resident ghosts, the energetic residue of deceased occupants who refuse to leave. Because so much of your energy is centered in your home, it's usually the best place to perform magic spells and rituals. You may choose to set up an altar in your home or to designate a special place to do your magical work.

“Houses themselves have a quality, a life, that is picked up by potential buyers … When you live in a house that conspicuously belongs to another age, you are to some extent avoiding the contemporary nature of life.” — Jane Roberts, The Unknown Reality, Vol. 2

In astrology, the bottom-most sector of your birth chart (the fourth house) represents your home. As such, it signifies your foundation, the base upon which all else is built. In feng shui, your home is viewed as a mirror of your life. Everything in your home is considered to be a reflection of you. Simultaneously, every article of furniture, every architectural feature, and every appliance and piece of artwork influences your life. When you look at your home from this perspective, each object and each act takes on magical meaning.

What Your Home Reveals About You

Someone who knows feng shui can walk through your home and instantly tell a great deal about you: your financial situation, your relationships with family members, your health, and more. According to feng shui, your home is a mirror of the people who inhabit it. Each sector corresponds to a part of your life: wealth, relationships, creativity, identity, future, community, helpful people, knowledge, and health. The condition of a particular section reveals the condition of the area of your life that's related to it.

Does clutter tend to accumulate in a particular area of your home? Clutter suggests that the part of your life that's represented by this area isn't functioning smoothly. Clean up the clutter, and you'll simultaneously clear away obstacles in your life.

Like other forms of magic, feng shui involves symbolism. Look at your home with the new eyes of a feng shui practitioner. What images do you see in the various parts of your home? Are the colors and objects in your health sector conducive to well being? Does your relationship sector feature loving, joyful images? Are symbols of prosperity and abundance featured in your wealth sector? If things like furnishings, artwork, and colors conflict with your intentions, change them. You'll be amazed at how quickly your life changes, too.

Your Home's Energy Field

Feng shui practitioners believe that chi, the vital energy that flows through your body, also moves through your home and the landscape. You've probably entered buildings that gave off bad vibes. What you reacted to was the building's energy field and an imbalance in the chi contained within the building. Imbalances occur for lots of reasons, but they can usually be corrected.

How does your home feel? If you're like most people, you don't tend to notice the energy in your own home. Go outside and re-enter, paying close attention to the first impressions that arise. Invite a friend to join you and solicit your friend's responses; they may be more objective than your own. Observe how you feel as you walk through your home, where the energy seems stagnant or heavy, where it seems light and free. Start sensing the vibes in other people's homes, too. Pretty soon, you'll develop an ability to feel where the chi needs some adjustment.

Clearing Bad Vibes from Your Home

The people and pets that share your living space contribute to the overall feeling texture of your home. If someone in your home tends to be overly negative or disruptive, you can neutralize the stressful energy magically. Smudging your home by burning sage periodically is a good way to clear the air.

After an argument, party, or stressful event, it's a good idea to smudge your home with sage. Other people's vibrations — particularly angry or fearful energies — can linger in your home long after the people themselves have gone. These vibrations may have a disruptive effect on you and your family members.

Gemstones absorb vibrations, too. Place a piece of onyx or dark green tourmaline in the disruptive person's bedroom to collect the negative energy. Each week, wash the stone in saltwater to purify it, and then set it in the sun for a few minutes before putting it back in the person's room. A black candle will also transmute harmful energies. Burn a black candle in or near the difficult person's room to absorb the negative energy. Let the candle burn all the way down, and then toss it out.

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