Spell to Sell Your Home


  • A picture of your house

  • 1 pen

  • 1 gold candle

  • 1 red candle

  • A box with a lid


  • During a waning moon

Take a photo of your house (or download the realtor's listing sheet for your house and print that out). Write “SOLD” across the picture. Place the candles on your altar and set the picture of your house between them. (Red represents good luck, and gold symbolizes money.) As you light the candles, say, “My house is sold for the price I choose, and everyone is content with the transaction. So be it now.” Repeat this spell three times during the waning moon period.

Any problem or issue you can't resolve on your own can be turned over to your guides or higher power by placing it in a box and closing the lid on it. Sometimes called a “God box,” this container serves as an incubator for your intention. By releasing your attachment to the matter, you allow it to unfold according to Divine Will.

After completing this part of the spell, place the picture of your house in the box. You are now turning over the process to the universe to enact. Close the lid and stop thinking about it, trusting that all will transpire according to your wishes and in the proper time.

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