Feng Shui Spell for Personal Empowerment

Have you ever noticed that the entrances to the homes of rich and powerful people — as well as doors leading into government buildings, successful businesses, and cathedrals — tend to be grand, easily accessible, and well lit? In feng shui, the entrance to your home corresponds to your self-image and identity.

Observe your entryway. Is it attractive and inviting? Or is it nondescript, cluttered, dark, and even difficult to find? To change your image — and the impression you make on others — all you have to do is improve your home's entrance. Install better lighting. Put a large, attractive plant near the door. Paint the door a bright, cheerful color. Affix handsome brass numerals on the door. Hang a decorative wreath on the door. Clear away any clutter or obstacles. Fix broken steps and railings. Remember, this is the first impression your visitors get of you. It's the image you project, so make it as appealing as possible. While you're making these updates, keep your intention in mind — that's the most important part of the spell.

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