The Magic Box


  • A box with a lid

  • Slips of paper

  • Color pens or markers

  • Magazine pictures, colored paper, stickers, other decorations

  • Glue


  • During the waxing moon

Everyone in the family can participate in this spell. You'll need a shoebox or a similar container that's small enough to fit on a shelf but large enough to accommodate lots of wishes. Decorate the box however you like, using positive images that appeal to you. Write words on it. Draw pictures. The point is to personalize the box. On the top, write the words: The Magic Box.

Do you have a private wish that you don't want to share with anyone else? Create your own, personal magic box and keep it in a secret place. Write your wishes on slips of paper and date them, then put them in your box. Periodically, go through your magic box and remove wishes that have come true or that are no longer priorities for you.

Put the box in place where everyone in the family has access to it and can see it when they enter the house. When the box is completely decorated, ask each member of the family to write one wish on a slip of paper and read it aloud to the others. Place the wishes in the box.

Sharing your wishes with each other galvanizes the family's collective energy. This builds momentum and attracts what you want more quickly. As each wish comes true, remove it from the box. Then make another wish and slip it into the box.

Designate someone in the family to keep a master record of each wish, the date it was put into the box, and the date it materialized. This gives you a clear idea of how long it takes to manifest what you want. Remember, you have to be willing to back up your intentions with effort in the real world if you want them to come true.

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