Spell to Bring a Lost Pet Home


  • Photo of your pet or an effigy that symbolizes it

  • 4 white candles

  • A pinch of vervain

  • A pinch of myrrh

  • A pinch of sage


  • As needed

Put the photo of your pet (or its effigy) in a prominent place. Set the four white candles at the four corners of the picture. Sprinkle the herbs around the picture or effigy. As you light the candles, hold your pet's image in your mind. Imagine a sphere of pure white light surrounding your pet, protecting it from harm.

Visualize your pet coming home safely, in good health. See your pet trotting across your yard or sitting on your doorstep. Feel the joy you'll experience when this happens. Put your emotion into the visualization, and then say the following:

(Pet's name) comes home to me,

Together we shall happy be.

Healthy and safe,

no longer a waif.

(Pet's name) comes home to me,

Thank you and so mote it be.

Let the candles burn down in a safe place. Keep your pet's photo or effigy displayed until your animal returns home. Then bury it in the backyard, so that your pet will always remain close to home.

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