Power Symbols in Business

In Chapter 3, you learned the significance of symbols in magical work. In business, as in other areas of life, symbols serve as touchstones and embodiments of your intentions. Logos are particularly important symbols in business. A good logo presents important information about a company at a glance, in a way that words can't. When you see a logo, you understand immediately what that company stands for, even if you don't know what products it makes.

An object is merely an object until it has, for lack of a better word, soul. That soul comes from the person who owns it, touches it, and takes care of it and who, in doing so, imbues that object with the uniqueness of the individual he or she is. Then it becomes a power object.

Take, for example, the typewriter Thomas Wolfe used to write his masterpieces. On the surface, the machine looks tired and worn out, but because Wolfe's fingers pecked at those keys, because that typewriter materialized his creativity, it has become an object of utter power. The same is true of the Spirit of St. Louis hanging from the ceiling of the Air and Space Museum. It looks like a fascinating antique, but as soon as you learn it was the plane Charles Lindbergh flew when he crossed the Atlantic, it becomes a symbol of humanity overcoming physical limits to achieve a dream. That, in a sense, is alchemy: transforming a mundane object into a magical tool that makes imagination manifest.

Creating Your Own Power Symbols

Objects absorb and reflect energy, just by virtue of being in the same space inhabited by a certain person. If you're passionate about a particular thing, your energy clings to that inert object and enlivens it. This happens without any effort on your part. Psychics can read your past, present, and future by holding an object you've worn because it has absorbed your energy. When you consciously imbue an object with your passion and intent, the object becomes extremely powerful. Magicians do this with ritual tools, talismans and amulets, and other objects.

A paintbrush is an easily recognizable symbol for an artist. A chef instantly identifies with a tall white hat. A private investigator might see a magnifying glass or a Sherlock Holmes — style pipe as a sign of his profession. What symbols do you associate with your career? Select one that resonates with you and use it in your spells for career success.

Look around your work area. What do you see? With what objects have you surrounded yourself? What do they mean to you? How did they come to you? Do the objects have stories attached to them? Mementos of pleasant experiences, trophies you've won, and family heirlooms that connect you to your personal history are all individual symbols with which you identify. They link you to your own power.

Choose one or two objects that represent your successes. Display these in a place where you'll see them often: your desk, your altar, or your living room. Remember, these objects have been selected for a very specific purpose, not just for decoration. Whenever you want to bolster your sense of success or need some reassurance before facing a career challenge, take a few moments to gaze at these power objects. Touch them and let them remind you of your personal power.

Charms for Career Success

A success charm is similar to a shaman's medicine bundle. The outer container should be made of cotton or silk, in a color that represents your intention. If you're making it for personal power, use a purple pouch with a drawstring closure. If money is your object, use gold or silver. You could choose a color that connects to the chakra you use most frequently in your work. If you do a lot of talking in your job, blue might be the best color for the bag because blue represents the throat chakra, the center of your self-expression.

“Hidden alliances work to move you into your authentic vocation as soon as you begin to commit to it.” — Rick Jarow, Creating the Work You Love

The bundle should be small enough to carry with you. Keep the number of objects you include in your bag to a minimum; select only items that symbolize something significant and important to you. A bundle can also contain slips of paper on which you've written your desires or goals. If you do a lot of business traveling, for instance, you may want to make a charm that relates specifically to travel. This charm would ensure safe, smooth travel — no canceled flights, no long waits in airport lobbies, no lost bags.

Periodically, you might wish to update the items in your charm bag. Because your charm works its magic on particular projects or issues, consider replacing the items that no longer correlate with your intentions with new power objects. Be imaginative when designing your success charms and have fun making them.

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