Timing Prosperity and Abundance Spells

For each of the spells in this chapter, the most advantageous time to perform the spell is noted. In most cases, you'll be more successful if you do spells for prosperity and abundance while the moon is waxing. The seeds you plant with your spell grow along with the moon. As the moon's light increases, so will your wealth.

Taurus is the zodiac sign of money, material goods, and physical resources. Therefore, an ideal time to do prosperity spells is when the moon and/or the sun is in Taurus. If your spell involves other people's money, insurance, taxes, or litigation, you might be better off casting a spell when the moon and/or sun is in Scorpio.

The best days of the week for doing prosperity magic are Thursday and Friday, the days ruled by Jupiter and Venus. These planets encourage growth, abundance, and good fortune. Sunday — the sun's day — can also be favorable, especially if your career success and public image are involved.

If you know astrology or can consult with an astrologer, look for periods when transiting or progressed Venus or Jupiter influences your birth chart in a positive way. Avoid doing prosperity spells when transiting or progressed Saturn forms difficult connections with the planets and money houses in your chart.

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