Spiritual Guidance

At some point, your magical practice is bound to entail spiritual guidance. Many practitioners have guides upon whom they call for help, illumination, intervention, and advice. The Freemasons performed their magical work under the watchful eye of the Architect of the Universe. Pagans call upon the assistance of various gods and goddesses when doing spells. Shamans seek the aid and protection of totem animals. Whatever terms you use, and whatever power you choose to believe in, you'll need to align yourself with forces beyond your consciousness to perform magic.

Spiritual Assistance in Spell-Working

When some people do magic, they think of themselves as a co-creators with Divine Will. They consider Divine Will to be the animating force in the universe. You could call it God, Goddess, Spirit, Creator, or Source if you prefer. No matter how you view it, your job as a magician is to connect with this force, channel it through your mind and body, and shape it with images, words, and movements to bring about the desired outcome.

Magicians often use magic wands and other tools to direct spiritual energy. In many tarot decks, the Magician card depicts a man in a ritual stance, holding his arm above his head with his wand pointed at the heavens. This gesture draws down the divine force, so he can use it to work magic.

You'll also want to request spiritual protection while you are operating in magical realms. When shamans journey to other worlds, they go in the company of a totem animal guardian, just as a traveler to a foreign country might solicit the knowledge and direction of a native guide. Your spiritual guardian prevents other entities from harming you or interfering with your intentions.

This guide can also serve as a facilitator who helps you achieve your goal in the most expedient and correct manner. At the end of a magic spell, it's a good idea to turn over your intention to a higher power by saying something like, “This is done in harmony with Divine Will, my own True Will, and for the good to all.” By doing this, you allow the spiritual force — which has a broader vantage point and understands factors you may not be aware of — to effect results in the best possible way.

Contacting Your Spirit Guides

There are many ways to connect with your guides, including meditation, guided imagery, visualization, dreams, relaxation techniques, and even a simple request. In theory, your guide is an entity or personality that accompanies you through your life. Some people call this entity a guardian angel. If you don't believe in angels, then think of this guide as your higher self, or as an evolved spirit who has your best interests at heart, or even as someone you love who has passed on. A guide may even be the soul of someone you knew in a past life.

Brian Weiss, a Miami psychiatrist and author of Many Lives, Many Masters and several other bestselling books, refers numerous times to the “masters.” He defines them as evolved beings that are no longer in physical form, although they may have been human at one time.

You may wish to place an image — a statue, icon, or painting — in a place where you'll see it often, to remind you of your guide's presence and to keep you connected. Some people even tattoo their bodies with an image that reminds them of their guide.

Some people make offerings to their spiritual guardians. Burning incense is a traditional offering among Buddhists. This is a good way to begin a meditative session in which you seek to communicate with your guide. If you have a favorite essential oil that relates to your guardian, you might wish to dab some on your wrists or third eye to awaken your intuition. You can also light different-colored candles to invite your guide to join you.

Your spirit guardian can provide assistance in any situation or problem. Bestselling author and medical intuitive, Caroline Myss, recommends asking, “Why is this happening? How can I best respond to it?” “From this position,” she writes, “you will be receptive to guidance and the clearest level of insight.”

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