Hospital Procedures

Are you ready for some long words? Here are some of the procedures that will take place at a hospital. You can announce them with Tenemos que hacer un/a … (We have to do a …) Remember to use un for masculine words that take el and una with feminine words that take la.



la broncoscopia

lah brohn-cohs-COH-pee-ah


el electroencefalograma

ehl eh-lec-troh-ehn-seh-fah-loh-



el electrocardiograma

ehl eh-lec-troh-cahr-dee-oh-GRAH-mah


la endoscopia lah ehn-dohs-COH-pee-ah

When you share some of these long words with patients you may get a blank stare. You will probably have to explain what these tests are and how they are performed. Here are some useful phrases. You will first find some general phrases that can be used for all of the tests, followed by specific phrases for each test.

It is a minimally invasive test/procedure.

Es un test/procedimiento mínimamente invasivo.

eh soon test/proh-seh-dee-mee-EHN-toh MEE-nee-mah-mehn-teh een-vah-SEE-voh

The test lasts ten minutes.

El test dura veinte minutos.

ehls test doo-rah-RAH VEYN-teh mee-NOO-tohs

The risks are minimal.

El riesgo es mínimo.

ehl ree-EHS-goh ehs MEE-nee-moh


allergic reactions

las reacciones alérgicas

lahs reh-ahc-see-OH-nehs



la infección

lah een-fehc-see-OHN


la sedación excesiva

lah seh-dah-see-OHN eks-seh-SEE-vah

punctured organs

las perforaciones en los órganos

lahs pehr-foh-rah-see-OH-nehs ehn

lohs OHR-gah-nohs

EKG, ECG, or Electrocardiogram

If you are concerned about enfermedades cardiovas-culares (ehn-fehr-meh-DAH-dehs cahr-dee-oh-vahs-coo-LAH-rehs), cardiovascular illnesses, you may have to do un electrocardiograma (oon eh-lec-troh-cahr-dee-oh-GRAH-mah), an electrocardiogram.

It is a test that measures the electrical activity of the heart.

Es un test que mide la actividad eléctrica del corazón.

ehs oon test keh MEE-deh lah ahc-tee-vee-DAHD

eh-LEC-tree-cah dehl coh-rah-SOHN

I am going to put these electrodes on your chest, arms, and legs.

Voy a ponerle estos electrodos en el pecho, los brazos y las piernas.

vohy ah poh-NEHR-leh EHS-tohs eh-lec-TROH-dohs ehn ehl PEH-choh, lohs BRAH-sohs ee lahs pee-EHR-nahs


When you need to look at la actividad del cerebro, brain activity, it is time for un electroencefalograma (oon eh-lec-troh-ehn-seh-fah-loh-GRAH-mah), an EEG. This test is often used to see if a patient has ataques (ah-TAH-kehs), seizures.

It is a test that measures the electrical activity produced by the brain.

Es un test que mide la actividad eléctrica producida por el cerebro.

ehs oon test keh MEE-dah lah ahc-tee-vee-DAHD

proh-doo-SEE-dah pohr ehl seh-REH-broh

I am going to put some electrodes on your head.

Voy a poner unos electrodos en su cabeza.

vohy ah poh-NEHR OO-nohs eh-lec-TROH-dohs

ehn soo cah-BEH-sah

The monitor will measure the activity.

El monitor medirá la actividad.

ehls moh-nee-TOHR meh-dee-RAH lah



If you need to examine internal organs or take a biopsy, you may need to do una endocoscopia, an endos-copy. Walk the patient through the procedures using the following phrases.

It is a procedure to examine internal organs.

Es un procedimiento para examinar los órganos internos.

ehs oon proh-seh-dee-mee-EHN-toh PAH-rah

eh-ksah-mee-NAHR lohs OHR-gah-nohs


It is also used to take biopsies.

También se hace para tomar biopsias.

tahm-bee-EHN seh OO-sah PAH-rah

toh-MAHR bee-OP-see-ahs

A tube called an endoscope is introduced into the body.

Se introduce un tubo llamado endoscopio en el cuerpo.

seh een-troh-DOO-seh oon TOO-boh yah-MAH-doh

ehn-dohs-COH-pee-oh ehn ehl KWER-poh

To explain the different ways in which un endosco-pio, an endoscope, can be introduced into the body, use Se puede introducir … (seh poo-EH-deh een-troh-doo-SEER) — it can be introduced … — followed by por la boca (pohr lah BOH-cah), through the mouth; por un orificio natural (pohr oon oh-ree-fee-SEE-oh nah-too-rahl), through an orifice; or con una incisión quirúrgica (OO-nah een-see-see-OHN kee-ROOR-hee-cah), through a surgical incision.


When you need to examine los bronquios (lohs BROHN-kee-ohs), bronchi, you may have to perform una broncoscopia (OO-nah bron-cohs-COH-pee-ah).

A bronchoscopy is a procedure to see inside people's airways, or bronchi.

Una broncoscopia es un procedimiento para ver dentro de los bronquios.

OO-nah bron-cohs-COH-pee-ah ehs un proh-seh-dee-mee-EHN-toh PAH-rah vehr DEHN-troh deh lohs BRON-kee-ohs.

I am going to insert this tube in your mouth/nostril.

Voy a meter este tubo por su boca/foso nasal.

vohy ah meh-TEHR EHS-teh TOO-boh pohr soo BOH-cah/FOH-soh nah-SAHL

I am going to give you some medicine to help you relax.

Le voy a dar medicina para que se relaje.

leh vohy ah dahr me-dee-SEE-nah

PAH-rah keh seh reh-LAH-heh

The nurse is going to insert an IV.

El/la enfermero/a le va a poner una sonda.

ehl/lah ehn-fehr-MEH-roh/rah leh vah

ah poh-NEHR OO-nah SOHN-dah

The nurse is going to give you oxygen.

El/la enfermero/a le va a dar oxígeno.

ehl/lah ehn-fehr-MEH-roh/rah leh vah ah dahr oh-KSEE-heh-noh

Put this mouthpiece in your mouth.

Póngase esta boquilla en la boca.

POHN-gah-seh EHS-tah boh-KEE-yah ehn lah BOH-cah

We are going to inject/spray anesthesia.

Le vamos a dar anestesia con una inyección/con un spray.

leh VAH-mohs ah dahr ah-nehs-TEH-see-ah cohn

OO-nah een-yehk-see-OHN/cohn oon ehs-PRAH-ee.

Don't talk during this procedure.

No hable durante el test.

noh AH-bleh doo-RAHN-teh ehl test

Now that you have learned about different tests and procedures and are able to share the results, you are ready to learn how to discuss diagnoses and treatment options in the next chapter.

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