Mobility and New Devices

Social media are going to be appearing on a growing number of mobile devices. There are already numerous iPhone, Blackberry, and Android social media apps. You can expect that trend to continue, if for no other reason than the inescapable fact that everything is showing up on these and other mobile devices.

Mobile phones have become the new computing platform, and for some social media, such as location sharing, they're essential. For microblogs, such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Jaiku, mobile devices are almost the preferred platform. Facebook has reported that 25 percent of its users, or about 100 million people, access the social network primarily through mobile devices.

But it's not just the cell phones that will tapping into the social web. In 2010, announced that it would upgrade its popular Kindle e-book reader to allow users to access Facebook and Twitter. And despite its rejection of Flash, Apple's iPad seems like a likely candidate for social media. The enterprise will probably drive some of this development, as untethered workers find themselves needing to link with the company social network while on the road.

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