SPIN Gardening

SPIN stands for “small plot intensive.” It is a farming system taught through specific courses. The basis of this type of gardening is connecting individuals who have land that is not being used to persons who want to grow vegetables for making a profit. The person wanting to grow makes an agreement with the owner of the property (with the garden space such as a backyard) to use the area, usually in exchange for some of the harvest.

The advantages to this type of gardening are numerous. You do not need land or capital to get started, it can be used in either a city backyard or a rural community, and it enables a person who wants to grow vegetables to do so. The main disadvantage is that you are putting time and energy into a space that you do not own and that may not be a long-term option. If you want to make a profit growing and selling vegetables, you may need several areas to grow enough produce, all of which can be time-consuming and difficult to manage.

When choosing crops to grow, make sure you choose varieties that are resistant to disease. If possible, choose a range of vegetables that will produce in succession and over a period of time so you can enjoy veggies all season long.

The SPIN method of gardening is mainly used for growers who want to make a profit from growing vegetables. However, for an individual who lives in a condo or apartment where there is no outdoor space available, this may be an option to consider. Connecting with a friend or someone in your community who has a backyard and is unable to use it, or does not want to, but is willing to have someone come in and grow some veggies in exchange for some of the harvest, could be a win-win for both parties.

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