What Turns Virgo On — and Off

Earth sign Virgo enjoys a somewhat dubious reputation as inhibited. This is simply not true and equates discernment with prudishness. Virgo is a correct sign and is turned on by delicacy in manners and behavior.

He is turned on by attention to details, and is very sensitive to a person's looks. Virgo is finicky about who touches him and wants sex to be rich and meaningful. Virgo men and women are wild about massage, herbs, good food, and natural scents.

Both they and their partner must be clean. Whereas Taurus and Capricorn are earth signs that are lusty and don't mind a little mud and scent au naturel, Virgo delights in running from the bath to a bed with clean sheets and then beginning his tryst.

Once Virgo men or women are involved in a sexual relationship, they will still want lots of foreplay, courting, and preliminaries. This sign usually has a very good imagination and can fantasize easily. Illustrated sex books or videos are definitely turn-ons. Because Virgo's imagination is so strong, a few suggestions will get him in the mood.

Unlike the other earth signs, this sign likes to talk about sex. A conversation with the details of what he is going to do excites Virgo, even if it makes him blush. Then, when words become reality, Virgo has double pleasure because he has already visualized a delicious encounter.


The single greatest Virgo turn-off is a sloppy or dirty partner. A relationship with such an individual just won't happen. Virgo will notice dirt under the fingernails, clothes that don't smell fresh, or hair that is a little greasy. And once she notices that, it's no sex for you two.

If a lover has passed the cleanliness test, another turn-off is a critical manner. Virgo has the challenge of being overly concerned with small details. She fights this tendency, but if her lover is critical even in a teasing way, then her mind will start working overtime and her more sensual nature will freeze up.

The time to talk about what you would like and what would feel good is before you start making love. If a Virgo starts giving or listening to instructions, she will lose her sexy focus and become inhibited.

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