Virgo's Weaknesses and Foibles

You already know about Virgo's desire for cleanliness, which can be a weakness. Also be aware that if Virgo starts fault-finding, there is no sign that can more quickly impede her own creativity and sensuality and that of her partner.

Virgo's mind works by making lists, and if she has lists of pleasures and special places on her and her lover's body that need and want kissing, this habit can be a treat in the bedroom. However, if the list becomes this is good, that he didn't do right, this should be better, and why didn't he do that, then Virgo will not enjoy anything, and no one will enjoy her.

The phrase “I fired him” to describe ending a relationship is something a Virgo might say. Such a cool and distant attitude will ensure that party time in the bedroom diminishes, and until Virgo lets go of that tendency, relationships of all kinds suffer.

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