Virgo's Strengths and Specialties

Virgo is a mutable sign because the birth month August – September begins in the summer and ushers us into the fall. Mutable signs are flexible, hard working, and can change their demands, desires, and needs according to circumstances.

One of Virgo's great strengths in the bedroom is that he can accommodate anything that feels good and pleases both his partner and himself. He might not be tremendously adventurous, but once sex is going well, he will not shrink from a new position or technique.

He is not shy in describing his wants and desires before you begin, and will have a way of speaking about sex that is provocative and imaginative. If he describes something that will feel pleasurable, by the end of the description you will both be eagerly anticipating the actual sexy event. Slow sensual rubbing and soothing are Virgo specialties.


Virgo looks young for her age and retains a childlike innocence throughout her life. This quality enhances her sex appeal. It also means she can have affairs with partners of different ages. No one will even think about an age difference between the Virgo and her partner.

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