The Virgo Woman

Virgo ladies never advertise their sensuality. The symbol of the sign is a maiden with a sheaf of wheat, which symbolizes the harvest. Virgo's sensuality is as regular and fertile as the fruits of the earth, which are harvested every year. She has a highly developed sense of touch and smell.

She will keep herself very put together and is usually fastidious about keeping her home. There are some sloppy, free-for-all Virgos, but even if there seems to be chaos in her home, she will have an internal sense of organization and can find whatever she needs. Virgo loves the dance of seduction, and anticipating the pleasure of a love affair is almost as good as the real encounter.

When she gets to the bedroom, she enjoys white lingerie that is lacy and practical. Lingerie that is uncomfortable or overly decorated is not for the classic-loving Virgo. Gentle stroking of the hair, back of the neck, and the temple area gives Virgo a feeling of ease and trust, and that translates into good lovemaking.

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