What Turns Taurus On — and Off

Taurus's planetary ruler, Venus, also rules all manner of luxury, as well as how a person socializes. Everyone's chart has the planet Venus, but not everyone has her in an easy sign. It is a turn-on for Taurus to be in comfortable surroundings, with good food, soft music, convivial company, and dim lights.

After the guests leave, it is time for Taurus and partner to waltz into the bedroom. The memory of the food, wine, and socializing adds luster to the lovemaking that follows. Fill each of Taurus's senses, and you have a contented, turned-on man or woman.

Taurus is turned on by money. Not necessarily greedy, she is conscious of good value. Pretending that she is a high-class hooker and he a Casanova buying sexual favors at a price gets both their imaginations going. Negotiating the deals for what buys which favor could take all night, and is a lusty turn-on.

Turn-offs for Taurus are leathery skin or a partner who doesn't care for his skin. Also, a person who always wears itchy wool or synthetic fabric will not invite the best feeling in Taurus.

Taurus is a security-minded sign and wants to know the parameters of the game before plunging ahead. Just sex is fine, but if she feels that the partner is manipulating her for security or material gain, it will be a total turn-off in the bedroom.


Wearing sweet perfumes that are also associated with tastes like vanilla is a double turn-on for Taurus.

Taurus is also turned off by prissiness or putting on airs. The sign likes a natural feel to all relationships and is not impressed by manners. Being polite superficially betokens an insensitive nature to Taurus. Any kind of artificial behavior gives Taurus the sense that sex will be efficient and tidy, and that is a Taurus turn-off.

This is a sign that does not like to feel monitored. Too many instructions or requests gets the bull's stubbornness going and shuts down his natural warmth and sexiness.

Additionally, if something requires too much effort to learn or seems strained, Taurus will be turned off. Sex toys and paraphernalia, even though they might be pleasurable, are not as interesting to Taurus as being with a person skin to skin, with all senses open.

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