The Taurus Woman

Taurus women love physical sensation, both giving and receiving. You will recognize these lovely women by their sustained energy and love of the outdoors. This is one sign that would not mind at all sneaking into a private garden shed and making love. Being with nature and doing what comes naturally is a double pleasure.

The Taurus woman is very interested in finding what pleases her lover, and will remember anything he mentions to her. She usually loves to cook and feels a good dinner is the best prelude to a sexy night. Silky tap pants and a teddy in pale blue or yellow are lingerie that will excite a Taurus lady and make her feel especially alluring.


In the nineteenth century, private dining rooms sported doors that closed without door handles. After dinner, it was expected that the lord and lady would stay and make love and not want to be disturbed. Sounds like a Taurean woman thought this up!

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