The Taurus Man

This man is a solid citizen who is romantic, sensual, and interested in sex as a prelude to a relationship. He might play the field in his twenties, but by the time he turns 30 he wants the comfort of a home, a wife, work, and regular sex.

His nature is cuddly, and you will notice that the Taurus man frequently touches people casually. More intimate contact will be filled with hugs, kisses, massage, and good naked sex. If you spend the night, don't bother with a nightie, as Taurus wants to feel skin for as much time as you have together.

Physically, Taurus is strong and likes athletic lovemaking. Oral sex is always an appetizer, and if there isn't much time, it will have to do. Taurus man enjoys longer bouts of lovemaking, but better a little sucking than nothing!

He is also a casual person, and a woman wearing a soft flannel shirt and worn jeans is fine with him. He may prefer a woman who does not wear a lot of makeup. And a little mud or dirt can be sensually exciting. When Taurus's sensuality heats up, he may get into doggy-style sex. He likes the full expression of sexual positions. He also can be a vocal lover with appreciative moans, murmurs, and shouts.


Taurus is normally a placid, calm sign, but when Taurus loses his temper, no one wants to be around the explosion. It may happen only a few times in a lifetime, but when it does, clear out and wait for it to pass. Sex is not usually the reason a Taurus gets angry, and if he is in a temper, do not try and kiss and make it better. He will have to cool down on his own time and usually will, for Taureans do not stay angry for long.

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