Taurus's Weaknesses and Foibles

Once things get started, Taurus may charge ahead and not be very interested in who finishes first and who has to play catchup. As far as Taurus is concerned, there will be other times to get the timing exact, and she doesn't want to spoil the mood with discussion or recriminations for what might work perfectly well the next time around.

This is a romantic sign that will retreat quickly if she doesn't feel that her efforts were well received. Taurus is interested in a partner's pleasure but doesn't want to think about mechanics or anything that didn't go well. Solo touching and soft caresses are good enough until next time, if one or the other's timing is off. Taurus is the original don't-make-a-big-deal-of-things sign.


The outside of the ear holds pressure points that relate to the entire spinal column. Caress and rub the ear, starting from the earlobe, and the entire body relaxes.

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