Sex Planets: Mars and Venus

To learn more about yourself and your partner, figure out in which sign his or her Venus and Mars is located. This information will add spicy tidbits to everything you have learned about your lover's Sun sign.

Mars in Taurus

When the planet of aggression, Mars, is placed in the sign of Taurus, there is a strong sex drive. The animal (that is, the bull) nature is very potent, and the usual finesse and soft and languid touch of Taurus is roughed up a bit. This is a placement that won't mind rolling in the hay or giving in to passion anywhere it might arise.

If that happens to be outdoors in a field, that's where sex will take place. Mars in Taurus is not interested in polite courtship routines. The sign's love of good food is also inextricably linked to feeling amorous. After a good steak and some wine, Mars in Taurus is ready to open all of his senses and share them with a partner.

Although Mars in Taurus is aggressive in pursuit, this is not a violent placement, but instead one interested in maximizing pleasure. Mars in Taurus doesn't need silky underwear, night-gowns, or stimulating pictures to arouse desire. Full-body contact so that he or she can feel skin is the best way to satisfy Mars in Taurus.

He will also be happy to use the same positions over and over. Mars in Taurus says: If it feels good, why bother to change? This is a sexy placement and needs a sexy partner. He likes the comfort of the male, dominant position or might enjoy making love lying on his side. Positions that may be interesting but feel awkward don't interest Taurus.

Venus in Taurus

With Venus in Taurus the sex drive is refined. These people have a strong libido, but, as Venus rules romance as well as the arts, with this placement sex is more sedate. Venus in Taurus requires more foreplay, a nice setting, soft fabrics, and all the trappings of seduction before getting into bed. She will also need a comfortable bed and soft music. Almond massage oil behind the ears is a great way to get things going.

This placement is not daring and won't want to fool around with any outrageous practices. It is a sensual placement and enjoys the comfort of holding, kissing, and lovemaking. The lips are very sensitive, and slow kisses, with attention to the eyes and ears, would feel dreamy.

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