The following compatibility quiz will help you find a new way to look at yourself and your lover. The answers to the questions will reveal your own personality, and will reveal what lover is most likely for you. Please, do remember that compatibility between people has many factors, and if you have had a dynamic relationship with a sign that is not listed as one of your top three, then your charts should be examined more closely to see where the connections are. Enjoy the quiz.

1. What qualities are most important to you in a sexual partner?

A. Spontaneity and unpredictability

B. Sensuousness

C. Witty conversation

D. Expressiveness

2. Sexually, which sense is most important to you for getting in the mood?

A. The sight of an attractive face or body

B. The scent of cologne or a partner's skin

C. The sound of a sexy voice or listening to music

D. The way a lover touches you

3. How do you approach your daily “to-do” list?

A. I multitask — I never do just one thing at a time.

B. I usually finish each project in a methodical, thorough manner and then move on to the next one.

C. I work on something until I become bored with it, then I find something else to do.

D. I get things done when I feel like it.

4. Which of the following describes what occurs when you lose your temper?

A. I feel a short, intense burst of anger that goes away as quickly as it appears.

B. I don't get angry often, but when I do I explode.

C. I internalize anger and feel anxious.

D. I quietly suffer and usually end up crying.

5. Who would you most likely consider for a one-night stand?

A. A sexy stranger you meet while traveling

B. Someone who reminds you of an old boyfriend

C. A close friend

D. An old flame

6. What one word best describes your sexual rhythm?

A. Quick

B. Slow

C. Erratic

D. Waves

7. When faced with a big decision, how do you handle it?

A. I go with what my gut instincts tell me.

B. I weigh all the pros and cons carefully.

C. I ask everyone I know for an opinion.

D. I feel it out, and wait until the right decision reveals itself.

8. Where did your favorite childhood memories take place?

A. Sports or cultural events

B. Outside

C. Social gatherings

D. Home

9. Would you enjoy sex in a place where you might get caught?

A. Yes

B. No

10. What is your favorite way to spend a Sunday afternoon?

A. Take a hike, go for a run, or play sports

B. Go out for brunch

C. Talk on the phone

D. Lie on the couch and watch movies

11. If asked to perform or speak in front of people, how do you react?

A. I glow with pleasure and confidence on stage.

B. I do a competent job.

C. I get stage fright but manage through the performance.

D. I freeze with fear!

12. If someone looked in your closet, what would he find?

A. An eclectic collection of costumes and everyday clothes

B. Neatly hung outfits

C. Clothes hung according to season/color

D. Old clothes that have sentimental value

13. What do you think is your best physical feature?

A. Long legs

B. A shapely bottom

C. A graceful neck and shoulders

D. Large breasts

14. What male physical feature interests you the most?

A. Height

B. A well-defined behind

C. Sensuous lips

D. Muscular shoulders and arms

15. If you have a complaint, what is your most usual phrase?

A. “It's not fair.”

B. “I don't have enough.”

C. “Things are boring.”

D. “I don't feel well.”

16. What is the best lighting to put you in the mood?

A. Daylight

B. Candlelight

C. Lighting doesn't matter

D. Total darkness

17. What personality trait is most attractive to you in a mate?

A. Generosity

B. Steadiness

C. Humor

D. Loyalty

18. What would you consider adding to a relationship to spice things up?

A. Fantasy role-play

B. A vibrator or sex toy

C. Watching pornography

D. None of the above

19. Select one of the following words to complete this sentence: If life isn't ___________, it's not worth it

A. Fast paced

B. Secure

C. Funny

D. Emotional

20. Which of the following sexual practices would you enjoy the least?

A. Quick sex

B. Rough sex

C. Phone sex

D. Anal sex

21. If you were hoping for a long-term relationship with someone, when would you most likely sleep together for the first time?

A. On the first date

B. At the two-month mark

C. After three dates

D. Depends on my mood

22. What do you consider an important prelude to good sex?

A. Good jokes/laughing

B. A massage

C. Sexy talk

D. Dinner and flowers

23. When is your favorite time to make love?

A. Early in the morning

B. In the afternoon

C. In the evening, before going to sleep

D. In the middle of the night

24. What best describes your general attitude toward life?

A. Exuberant

B. Practical

C. Changeable

D. Sentimental

25. Who are you most likely to be in your sexual fantasies?

A. The hunter

B. The prostitute

C. Part of a ménage a trois

D. A damsel in distress

26. What do you wear to sleep after making love?

A. Nothing

B. A nightie

C. His pajama top

D. An old T-shirt

27. What do you consider a sexy scent?

A. Citrus

B. Vanilla

C. Mint

D. Patchouli

28. Would you ever consider adding a third partner?

A. Yes

B. No

29. How does the full Moon make you feel?

A. Passionate

B. Sleepy

C. Wildly alert

D. Emotional

30. What is the strongest aphrodisiac for you?

A. A sense of adventure

B. Money

C. Good looks

D. Status

31. What kind of humor do you most enjoy?

A. Practical jokes

B. Slapstick

C. Witty language

D. Gallows humor

32. What's your favorite sexual position?

A. Woman on top

B. Doggie style

C. Everything

D. Missionary position

33. If you had to choose ONE word to describe yourself, what would it be?













34. Which of the following turns you on the most?

A. Nibbling

B. Rubbing

C. Kissing

D. Tickling

35. What is the most important part of a relationship between the sheets?

A. Anticipation

B. Cuddling afterwards

C. Pillow talk afterwards

D. Orgasms


a = 1 point

b = 2 points

c = 3 points

d = 4 points

Question 33:

Emotional = 2

Mysterious = 2

Courageous = 3

Diplomatic = 1

Impetuous = 3

Humorous = 3

Practical = 4

Dedicated = 4

Unique = 1

Knowledgeable = 1

Discerning = 4

Intuitive = 2

Add up your points for all 35 questions and find your most compatible signs below.


Most Compatible Signs

Other Interesting Possibilities


Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn


Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn

Now that you have a good idea about your preferences and the signs that you feel most attracted to, you can read this book with discernment. Check out your most compatible sign for insight into his preferences. Take a look at past lover relationships and see if those relationships might have benefited from some astrological tips. And most of all, enjoy the myriad ways people express their passion and affection.

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