What Turns Scorpio On — and Off

Turn-ons center on snaring a receptive partner in Scorpio's web. If he looks at you with lust and you involuntarily blush, that is a victory for Scorpio and means the affair can advance. Scorpio acts with confidence in sexual matters. He likes to affect people and undress them with his eyes, knowing that with a particular look or well-chosen word, a fantasy will become reality.

Scorpio is turned on by let-it-all-hang-out sexiness in a person's dress and fashion. A tight pair of pants with a gold-studded skull and crossbones on the butt is not too extreme. Her motto is “If you've got it, flaunt it,” and she is not particularly concerned with good taste. Scorpio does enjoy high fashion, and is especially fond of fashions that are revealing and exhibit her best features. Fashion also reveals status in life, and Scorpio likes to exhibit her accomplishments.

Different sexual positions, oral sex, anal sex, whips and chains, or being tied to a chair are all expressions of sexuality that are turn-ons for Scorpio. His motivation is neither pleasure nor pain, but the power that is unleashed between two people when there is a fearsome intimacy. This kind of hot sexual connection can foster lifelong bonds of love and friendship, but such sexual expression doesn't usually come casually.


A sexy voice is one of the Scorpion's best seduction tools. It shimmers with innuendo and passion. Whispering during sex, phone sex before you get together, or outrageously funny sex talk are all areas of expertise for Scorpio.

Although Scorpio's appetites may lead him to a one-night stand, his deepest pleasure is exploring sexual life with a consistent partner. Ultimately, Scorpio is turned on by the trust that wild sex can foster. Two lovers who feel this trust share the secret of their sex life, and that is a powerful and sexy bond.

Other turn-ons are wordless understandings that you are going to have sex. At a party, if you and he are already lovers, and he gives you a nod and you disappear into a parked car, the thrill of the sex is multiplied by the implicit possession that the nod conveys.

Lust for Scorpio is always emotional. He cannot disconnect from his passions and feelings. His lovers can respond with any kind of feeling, and it won't throw Scorpio. In fact, he delights in emotionality because that gives heat to desire and intimacy.


Scorpio likes burgundy, browns, black, ivory, and deep rich green colors. Underneath, she doesn't waste too much time on exotic underwear. If you are close enough to Scorpio to see her underwear, you don't need any more stimulation. Go directly for the gold.

Turn-offs for Scorpio are cool characters that are non-responsive to Scorpio's games. If Scorpio wanted, she could probably nuke them in the sensual department, by why waste time on a block of ice? Equally unappealing to Scorpio is superficiality.

Scorpios are not silly people, and the intensity with which they pursue life must at least be appreciated, if not mirrored, by lovers. Scorpio equates superficiality with easy conquest, and then there is not much interest or excitement.

Lacking a sense of humor also turns off Scorpio. The Scorpio usually has a wicked sense of humor. His remarks about other people can be stinging but painfully funny. Scorpio is not shackled by the polite convention of saying only nice things. When Scorpio and his lover laugh together at the human comedy, it creates an intimacy between them that makes both people feel connected and special. Then the world is a private joke, and sexual success, their private joy.

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