The Scorpio Woman

The spy Mata Hari had nothing on the mysterious, charming, and sexy Scorpio woman. A Scorpio woman can't be called a lady unless it is her role of the moment. She can act the part, but the Scorpio woman is too much ruled by her passions to fit such a tame label.

Mars is usually associated with the fiery element, but in Scorpio, whose element is water, the Mars energy steams. She heats up the whole system with an intoxicating mix of determination, lust, and unknown pleasures. She is a bit kinky. If her partner doesn't want to go that route she will oblige him, but sooner or later her intense desires have to be satisfied.

Scorpio woman's power is not limited to the bedroom. She achieves in whatever area that she chooses. In business she is a tough competitor; as a homemaker and mother she is devoted to her family; and if she is an artist, her creations will reflect her profound understanding of the mysteries of life.

Sex for her is power, but so are money, knowledge, mastery, and psychological insights. She doesn't fall in love; she allows herself to mingle with a man, and reveals herself slowly. Life between the sheets is part of this striptease, not only of the body, but also of the soul.

The Scorpio woman is intense, and there is no use pretending that a relationship with her will be a fling or a one-night stand — unless she wants it that way. She can be totally caught up in a relationship and then decide it isn't for her. She will be honorable in telling her lover, but that's the way it will be, and she can't or won't do anything about it.

There are two roads to a Scorpio woman's heart: sex and secrets. If the first goes well, then she will share her secrets with you, which is a step forward in your relationship. If the sex is not working, there will be no secrets and no relationship. This will be fairly clear within one or two dates.

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