The Scorpio Man

Quiet, alert, poised for danger, and informed about everything, a Scorpio man is a formidable competitor in life's games and in the bedroom. These guys are frequently artists, psychiatrists, detectives, researchers, and devotees of anything that seems profound, mysterious, and sexy.

Whatever they do in life, they will know their subject thoroughly and carry a whiff of black magic about them. This man is not a gregarious social butterfly. Parties are opportunities to case the joint for unsuspecting females who want to experience profound pleasure and intimacy.

Before you get to the bedroom, you will know if Scorpio's extremes are in balance by his weight. If he is very heavy, then his sexual energies are not cooking properly, and all that passion is going into food. He may decide one day to take the weight off, and suddenly he will show himself to be a very interesting, sexy guy looking for a date. When Scorpio man summons his will, he brooks no interference in attaining his goal.

The Scorpio man is usually multi-talented. If he is in business, he probably also has an artistic hobby such as music or doing magic. If he is an artist, he may very well also study finance and be a whiz at investing in the stock market. Whatever Scorpio man appears to be is not the whole truth. He has layers and layers of intricate abilities and desires.


All the water signs are very sexy, but their motivations are totally different. Cancer wants to feel emotionally connected, Pisces wants to feel a hot escape from the everyday world, and Scorpio wants to indulge in the deepest secrets of physical intimacy. The result in each case is hot sex, but how you get there makes life interesting.

Most interesting about a Scorpio man is that he knows about lust but is more interested in a consistent relationship with a woman. All the outrageous possibilities that are in his nature take root when there is love with a lady that has a future. He may still question her like the Grand Inquisitor, lock her in with him for a weekend of delight, and survey the field for other cuties, but in the end a Scorpio man needs someone with whom to share his profound experiences. Are you surprised? He makes a loyal, considerate husband and a fierce protector of his family.

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