The Extremist

Scorpio's strength is the passionate creativity and intensity with which she approaches everything, including and especially sex. The question for every Scorpio is whether she will emphasize creation or destruction. Scorpio has three symbols: the scorpion, the eagle, and the phoenix.

The scorpion would rather sting herself to death than forego the pleasure of the sting. This symbol represents the unevolved Scorpio, who is frequently trapped in a cycle of pleasurable hedonism that can lead to excess. The next symbol is the eagle, which represents the spirit soaring toward the sun, but also is a fierce hunter. The final and most evolved symbol for Scorpio is the phoenix, a bird that destroys itself and then rises again from its ashes. When an evolved Scorpio masters the ability to turn the dark aspects of her character into light, all her power is creative. The effects can be spectacular and healing.

Wherever Scorpio is in his personal development, he is sexually hot. Scorpio is known as the sex sign because of the power that the sign contains. After all, what is sex but sharing energy in a focused, intense way? Scorpio is at the forefront of the battle of the sexes, the battle of the bedroom, and everything in between. As lovers, Scorpios are willing to explore the heights and depths of sexual expression. Lovers beware — but don't miss the experience.


You guessed it! The genitals and tush are ruled by Scorpio, and that means by definition the sexiest and most pleasurable parts of the body are part of his dominion. Kissing, sucking, squeezing, massaging, hitting, spanking, poking, and goosing these areas are all parts of Scorpio's lovemaking arsenal.

It is possible for Scorpio to be celibate! That might sound like a shocking statement, but if she decides to curtail her sexual energy, she is quite capable of doing so. It may not be the easiest choice, but Scorpio will hew to it and believe it to be productive for her life. Extremes for Scorpio mean all sorts of things.

Perhaps the most well-known Scorpio who considered the problem of celibacy was St. Augustine, who was a pagan and then adopted Christianity. After a profligate and randy youth, St. Augustine prayed: “Lord, make me chaste, but not yet.” This is not a common path, but it speaks to the Scorpio who doesn't want to share his sexual power. Such Scorpios are still powerful and intense.

Extreme sexual behaviors for Scorpio usually have some element of dominance and submission scenarios. Scorpio likes power but attracts it in a subtle, almost hypnotic fashion. You want to look; you thrill to look; you are scared to look; but you do look, and the experience is fascinating. For Scorpio, sex is not casual — it is an expression of the power of creation.

The feeling of possessing or being possessed is a major part of Scorpio's extremism. This sign doesn't fool around with flirting, courtship, kisses, or polite sex. A fling is not casual, but instead an experience in lust that awakens every part of the body.

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