Sex Planets: Mars and Venus

When a planet is in the sign of Scorpio, the intensity and passion of Scorpio influences that planet. Certain planets can take it and certain ones can't. Take a look at the following placements to learn more about yourself and your lover and how Scorpio operates.

Mars in Scorpio

Scorpio is the ruler of Mars along with Pluto. Pluto was discovered in 1930, the beginning of the nuclear age. In mythology, Pluto was god of the underworld and ruled over the souls sent down below. The transformative power that nuclear power unleashes symbolizes the metamorphosis that Scorpio lives daily. With these two powerful planets, Mars and Pluto, ruling Scorpio, you can imagine that Mars in Scorpio is an intense and hot placement. Even if this is the only Scorpio planet in a person's chart, the effect will be palpable.

There is a decidedly thrill-seeking tendency with this placement. Motorcycles, bungee jumping, and dangerous sex all are appealing. Think about nipping into a dark alley for a quickie, and Mars in Scorpio will know just the right one. The danger fuels the pleasure.

Venus in Scorpio

The mild mannered, peace-loving planet of Venus is not considered well-placed in Scorpio. Venus is too small and sweet to easily manifest the boiling passion of Scorpio. The person with this placement is always trying to juggle the good and bad angels of her nature.

Sexually speaking, she is hot, but with this placement the abandon that she might feel is inhibited. Also, the meaner emotions, such as jealousy and vengeance, can create havoc in relationships. Scorpio is powerful even if it is in a placement that is not conducive to allowing its full strength.


People who have this placement in an otherwise milder chart are often surprised at the intensity of their feelings. Using this power creatively avoids the excesses in food, alcohol, drugs, or sex that Scorpio usually indulges in.

Whether a man or woman has Venus in Scorpio, there is tendency to dress provocatively, sometimes even sexier than the person actually is. The pose of sexiness may be more interesting to Venus in Scorpio than the reality.

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