Scorpio's Weaknesses and Foibles

Scorpio's privacy mania can get too intense for a partner's comfort. It is a jealous sign and wants to control his lover until he is through with her. A simple date should not require a security check. And then, as the relationship progresses, Scorpio indulges in cross-examination if you are slightly late or, out of the corner of his eye, he catches you with a mutual friend.

You say, “We were just walking to the coffee shop.” Scorpio says, “Don't give me that. I know you want him.” A Cancer will sulk when he believes a lover has been unfaithful. A Pisces will snivel and say, “Oh, well.” But a Scorpio will decide you are either in or out. If you are out, that is it.


No matter how evolved a Scorpio may be, when wounded, he does not swallow the insult. Vengeance is the preferred method of handling insults, betrayal, and double-crossing. Scorpio doesn't hire a hit man or fill your glass with poison, but you will feel the sting of his revenge if you cross this secretive, powerful sign.

If for any reason a Scorpio has repressed her natural power, her weaknesses can be spectacularly self-destructive. Her needs will dominate and her complaints will ooze throughout her circle of acquaintances and make everyone feel miserable. This is the draining, gloomy Scorpio, and it is almost impossible to get her out of her bad mood until she wills it.

Scorpio's self-control is very strong, and because he is so highly sexed, he may become overly self-involved with his prowess and forget that sex requires two to tango. Scorpio can be very self-centered and leave his partner outside his circle of pleasure. In such a situation he may get off on servicing you or being serviced, but never really connect.

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