The Sagittarius Woman

These on-the-go ladies are vital and vivacious. They attract men easily, and if they are interested in keeping them they can do that also. Part of a Sag woman's charm is that she is not interested in the way life works, but instead is passionately devoted to life as it should be.

She believes in opportunities for everyone. She worships fun and adventure and she wants to gobble up as much experience as she can. She is usually funny and not put off by anyone's quirks unless they involve lying and deceit.

The Sagittarian woman is eager to please sexually. She initiates sex only when she feels her lover matches her ardor. On top, on the bottom, playing the virgin or the whore, a Sag woman wants to exercise her sexual creativity. She likes sex and does not use it for manipulation.

A Sag lady's way of getting what she wants is to disappear. Then, when you feel the energy drop because your optimist has left and you are panting for her, she'll come back, and you may have forgotten what the argument between you was.


The best gift for a Sag woman is a set of totally practical luggage. The second-best gift is travel tickets for two to a secret rendezvous.

Sag women like an environment of creative chaos around them. In her bedroom she is apt to keep her special, sexy camisoles draped on the chair to grab quickly, and a few packages of peanuts in her underwear drawer in case you get hungry after sex. Convenience dominates her thinking, rather than an environment that is “as it should be.”

She does not go out of her way to be unconventional, but in the rush of exploring life, if her sneakers end up hanging on the coat rack, at least they are there in plain sight when she wants to take a jog or run toward you.


A Sag woman is bold, not only in terms of what happens between lovers, but where. A quickie is not unusual, and if the urge comes while you are driving down the highway, pull over, get that blanket out, and let nature take its course.

The tendency to speak before thinking afflicts Sagittarian women also. Sagittarian women gossip but with a moral proviso that goes like this: “I am not sure, but I heard thus and so. Do you believe it?” The rumor is already cooking, and Sagittarius is oblivious to her contribution.

Sagittarian ladies are also proficient in trying to be helpful but usually saying something hurtful. Again, their charm and honesty always save them, and no one holds this tendency against them.

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