The Sagittarius Man

In the bedroom, he is happy to initiate, and happy to try out a great new technique he heard of from a Nepalese shaman. He doesn't go in for foreplay much because he feels it is slow and boring. After he kisses you, gives you a few playful rubs on the bottom, and shows his appreciation of your thighs and belly, you two are good to go.

The Sag man doesn't have a plan. He follows his instincts, which have been well honed for thousands of years. Getting physical is, for Sag, the most pleasurable way of exchanging information and learning. For this period of time, his adventure is you.

Sag can be successful in a variety of professions, but doesn't believe that he needs success to get a woman attracted to him. He assumes it, because all his life people have been attracted to him. All he needs in his professional life is respect and motion. He never equates money and power with sex.

Sagittarian men and women both suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. In men it usually manifests itself in two ways: an inability to keep a secret, and a way of tossing off remarks that are meant to help but instead usually wound the listener. A Sag man tells secrets because he wants to share the truth. His motivation is not duplicity, but you cannot trust him with information that you don't want public.

There is no cure for the foot-in-mouth tendency. Fortunately, Sag has so many other good traits that his friends forgive him.


Velvet comforters, robes, or drapes around your bed give Sagittarius the feeling of occasion and importance that he loves. Emphasize the colors wine, evergreen, or purple. Do not, however, totally close drapes around the bed. Sagittarians need a sense of space to feel free.

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