The Adventurer

The tenth sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius is not quite human and not all animal. The symbol for Sagittarius is the Archer, a centaur (a creature that is half horse and half man) that carries a long bow. The dichotomy between man and beast means that there can be two very different types of Sagittarians.

The first is a party animal, a roving, restless sort who gambles, laughs deeply, and is happy to have sex with anyone whom he comes across. His goal in sex is exclusively pleasure, not conquest or dominance. The more mature and evolved Sagittarian shoots his arrows into the realm of philosophy and ideas, and wants to know about people's thoughts.

“Let's go on an adventure” is the Sagittarian's middle name. Whether she is walking down the street for a loaf of bread or sizing up the possibilities of getting someone into bed, Sag considers everything an adventure. When this attitude is coupled with sex, the result is usually terrifically enjoyable.

Sagittarius is the most good-natured sign of the zodiac, and her fiery nature is predisposed to friendly sex. She is enthusiastic by nature, and when this energy is directed toward the bedroom, the result can be irresistible.

The trick with Sagittarius is to pin him down long enough to get to the bedroom. Sag is in love with motion, and so restless that he may fly somewhere to find that girl he used to know who had that unbelievable talent with her lips. He loves exploring different cultures, and travel is necessary for him. Hunting for lovers in the four corners of the world might be a lifelong adventure and occupation for Sag.


The thighs and butt are areas that catch Sag's fancy. Their legs will usually be well developed and very muscular, good for holding on tight and riding a lover like the wind.

His sexual curiosity is strong, and he has a very quick tempo. Once is usually not enough. Since most Sagittarians are quite athletic, they look for a lover who is fit and has sexual staying power. Sagittarius may not enjoy lazing around as part of sex.

Sagittarius is adventurous in trying new and unusual sexual positions, but will shun anything to do with sex toys or paraphernalia. These things, in Sag's opinion, only get in the way of a good time.

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