Sagittarius's Weaknesses and Foibles

Sagittarius is not the most suave or diplomatic sign of the zodiac. She is so connected to calling it like she sees it that her compliments may seem backhanded. And if you ask her opinion on something, be prepared to receive her very frank answer.

She is incapable of dressing up the truth. Avoid the questions “Do I look fat?” or “How is my hair?” The answer may make you wince, even though it is intended to be supportive and helpful.

The same warning stands for questions about bedroom technique and success or failure. Sag will tell you “That wasn't so good, let's try this.” Or she might say boldly “Do it this way” and give you very clear instructions for what she wants. She believes in educating lovers and herself so that you can both forget mental preoccupations and abandon yourselves to sensations.

The very changeability and love of travel that some lovers find so attractive in Sag can be her greatest weakness. You have to work hard to pin her down, even to have that first sexual encounter. She is not being coy, just true to her nature.

This zooming-around tendency will not stop even if you are happily married for 100 years. Sag needs to experience the world and learn things every day. If she is curtailed from this, she can become violently temperamental and use her passion to tell you off in no uncertain terms.

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