What Turns Pisces On — and Off

Pisces is turned on by a strong lead. The women respond to a man who knows what he wants, and a Pisces man loves to be pushed in the direction of sex. Dominance scenarios and playing master and slave could be just the game to develop the best in Pisces's sexual nature.

Another turn-on is any kind of sensual enhancement: music, incense, candles, soft and nubby materials, a favorite pair of silk pajamas, or a love cocktail and special aphrodisiac. Pisces doesn't need stimulants to get her sexuality going, but she loves the ritual of preparing to move from the regular world into the dreamy world of sense and delight. If this takes a long time, Pisces is very content. Her sexual rhythm tends to be languorous because she is absorbing so many feelings on so many different levels.


It is definitely a turn-on for Pisces to make love with a fountain or waterfall in the background. But a really hot environment is a plush rug in front of a roaring fire. The coziness and heat trumps the soothing sounds of water. After all, Pisces has all the water he needs in his nature. With a roaring fire, he gains the element he lacks.

Other turn-ons are taste. Pisces loves to combine sex and food. Try a honey massage and get totally sticky licking the honey off each other. Pisces doesn't care if he has to throw out the sheets. The deliciousness of the experience is more important than a few yards of cotton. Good wine also stimulates the senses and loosens the flow of sexy feelings.

As to turn-offs, Pisces does not like people who are flashy and ostentatious dressers on a day-to-day basis. He may appreciate a costume in the bedroom, such as feathers, a silk smoking jacket, thigh-high stockings, and boots, boots, and more boots, but on the street he likes his lover to keep a low profile. Gaudy jewelry on women or men is a major turn-off.

Underneath, underwear can be outrageous. Tiny thongs, garter belts, and silk panties all work. Or perhaps Pisces was dreaming of a hot date that morning and forgot to put on underwear at all. Sexy underwear that emphasizes the butt is a major turn-on.

Pisces does not want to be rushed or scheduled into a sexual date. When sex just seems to happen, the Fish feels comfortable. When she gets too involved with her conscious mind, it shuts down her well of feeling. It is like the difference between the person who picks up dance steps by feeling and without words, and the person who has to mark out everything and be conscious of every muscle. Pisces wants the whole tango without worrying about an individual step or technique.

A partner who goes for sex without any preliminaries, foreplay, or romance is another major turn-off for Pisces. You have to first dip your feet in the water, get used to the temperature, splash a little, and then dive in for full immersion.

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