The Pisces Woman

The subtle appeal of a Pisces woman is that you may not be sure what she is doing, but you are more than willing to keep coming back for more. A Pisces woman will soothe her friends, and with her lovers, her great sense of empathy intuits what part of his body needs touching and exactly how much pressure to apply.

She may prefer to dress in black and white and then go through a lavender phase. Frequently with Pisces women, there is an element of costume in their dress that suggests a historical time period. Lace and ruffles usually look good on her because she is a girly girl, even if she is the top internist in the hospital.

Sexually, a Pisces woman gains pleasure from her lover's delight and orgasm. She wants pleasure also, but is so sensitive to all the feelings involved in merging sexually with another person that sometimes she gets hot just from handholding. A Pisces woman is hypersensitive, and when she abandons herself to feeling, you are talking about an ocean of possibilities.

The Pisces woman needs to retreat from people and the world. She may periodically curl up in a ball and listen to music or watch old movies all night. This is protective and regenerative. If your Fish is in one of these periods, the only way to coax her out is cuddling and softness. Her juices will not respond to demands or overt passion. Baby talk might be exactly the right recipe.


All Pisces tend to be psychic, whether they are aware of it or not. When a Pisces woman meets someone, she knows intuitively whether the attraction will lead to sex or not. She may dance around the question for some time, but sooner or later the Piscean charm and sympathetic vibrations will lasso her lover, and both will enjoy the result.

A Pisces woman retains a connection with her childhood sensitivity that makes her more compassionate and responsive to stimuli that other people offer. She needs to protect this part of her. Like all the water signs, she absorbs too many feelings and periodically must discharge them so they don't drag her down.

Once a Pisces lady is in bed, with curtains drawn and incense burning, she wants everything to flow smoothly. She wants romance and she wants effortless sex. Her hands speak, as do her thighs, her mouth, and her tongue. She usually doesn't talk because, with all her senses open, she does not want to get her mind going.

She can be sexually daring if the flow of physical feeling goes in that direction. She won't plan for a kinky scenario, but if it happens and feels right, why not? Pisces as the last sign of the zodiac understands all colors of the sexual palette.

The sense of touch in a Pisces woman is exquisitely sensitive. She is also open to stimulants of any kind to enhance pleasure. If you hear of an aphrodisiac from the Incas, the Pisces woman will probably know about it and have a bottle in her medicine cabinet.

Pisces women are susceptible to suggestion, which means that a whisper to step into the living room and examine the fluffy rug up close will get her going. She is not keen on less-than-private sex. But she will enjoy a romantic seduction in a public place that leads to you both running up the stairs to the bedroom.

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