The Pisces Man

If you love to dance before sex, this is the man for you. Pisces men have a wonderful sense of rhythm and music. He picks up the beat and goes with whatever melody is played. At work, he is frequently found in the artistic and helping professions. In addition to working hard, he has acute perceptions about other people that can lead them toward success. The Pisces man is usually totally unconcerned about money. He may make it easily or not care if he has it at all. For him, there are more important parts of life to concentrate on.

In the bedroom, a Pisces man can be oblivious to anyone's agenda but his own. This can be positive in that he rarely criticizes a lover, but it also creates a tendency to be in love with love and attract a partner who will not reciprocate his lust. Pisces then can be a martyr to his own sensitivity. When a babe has caught his eye, even if she is totally inappropriate for him, he falls hard and recuperates slowly.

A Pisces man wants a woman who is organized, and does not mind if she is dominant. If she wants sex this way, that way, or any other way, he is happy to oblige. His needs usually are satisfied by careful prior selection. If the vibes aren't good, he won't even go near that person. The Pisces man is a family man and may not spend a lot of time playing the field before he makes a commitment. He is faithful and attentive because the pain of hurting someone he likes or loves is more than his sensitive nature can bear.

None of these descriptions mean that Pisces is wimpy. Water is a strong element, and like water, Pisces accomplishes his goal by steady pressure, and by wearing down the object of his desire with consistent attention and flow of feeling. It can be irresistible if you are caught up in the net of his charm.

After Libra, Pisces is the most romantic sign of the zodiac. The Pisces man likes courting, enjoys long walks and sweet conversations, and never approaches sex in a direct way. When you get cozy with a Pisces man, he leads by touch and telepathy. You'll get the message and be delighted that you followed. It is a subtle lead and can be squashed by a woman who requires lots of explicit instructions or discussion. Talk with a potential Pisces lover on the phone, and it will take a minimum of fifteen minutes for the flow of feelings between you to settle in. After that, conversation is foreplay until you get together.

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