The Dreamer

The symbol of Pisces, two fish tied together, highlights her dual character: one fish is above the sea and living in the Earth's atmosphere, and the other fish remains in the depths of the ocean. The underwater fish is the source of Pisces's dreamy, creative, and sexy nature. Sometimes this underwater fish is unfathomable to even Pisces herself.

In the realm of sex, she may not consciously know what she is doing, but her body and feelings do, and that makes her an alluring and extremely attractive partner. In terms of bedroom life, Pisces courts sex through attraction rather than pursuit. She loves to escape with her lover into a world removed from everyday cares.

Sometimes her escapes include alcohol or drugs as well as sex. Whatever she does, you will never quite understand her, but why bother? Getting between the sheets with her sensitivities and gentle nature is more than good enough.


If Pisces listens to his very sensitive system, he will avoid overloading it with drinking and drugs because it usually feels bad and catches up with him in later years. Pisces aren't usually teetotalers, but they note the effects of stimulants and consciously choose whether they are worth the buzz.

The entire zodiac traces the development of the individual as well as describing personality traits and sexual temperaments. We start with Aries and finish with Pisces; each sign adds a different quality to the soul and personality. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces represents submerging the ego and leaping into the great ocean of the soul's freedom.

It may sound heavy duty and metaphysical, but Pisces is not focused on earthly details. He dreams of a better world and is continually adjusting his expectations to the less-than-comfortable reality that surrounds him. Pisces wants to give his creativity and dreams of the world to another. He may have his egotistical moments, but deep down Pisces really feels best in devotion and service to another. He gets off on doing what you would like and what you dream about.

The dream world of Pisces flourishes with an ocean of sexual possibilities that surround her. As a water sign, Pisces feels her way through the world. She catches the vibes between people and sends out the subtlest of signals when she wants to be caught or is fishing for someone.

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