Sex Planets: Mars and Venus

To refine your knowledge of how the sign Pisces manifests in Mars and Venus, read the following descriptions. Pisces is always a subtle vibration, and knowing if your lover's or your own Mars or Venus is in Pisces can clue you in to many different aspects of a sexual personality.

Mars in Pisces

As you know, Mars is the god of war. What happens when the god of war is affiliated with the hazy, dreamy planet, Neptune? The answer is, “Not much.” Neptune says, “Let's not fight, let's not challenge anyone, let's build our communication on spiritual and loving principles, and if we still can't get along, let's just have a drink and forget all the Sturm und Drang.”

Mars's assertive energy is not easily expressed when he is in dreamy Pisces. People with this placement can succeed when they are involved with the helping professions.

As lovers, Mars in Pisces is so considerate and tender that you may want to encourage a more go-get-'em approach. Yet this sign has a strong sex drive; he just goes about fulfilling it in a very subtle way. Mars in Pisces is idealistic and wants sex to be part of a relationship, however brief it may be. Sharing your dreams during sex may be the greatest turn-on for Mars in Pisces. Mars in Pisces is very mindful of his lover's pleasure as well as his own.

The same caveat that applies to all Pisces placements goes for Mars here: booze and drugs that enhance life may be stimulating, but if the balance tips in favor of life being alcohol and drugs, Mars in Pisces can become very addicted and waste his sensitivity.

Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces is astrologically considered to be an exalted position. The yielding nature of Venus fits very well with Piscean compassion and sensitivity. This is the position of great friendship and kindness. And if that friendship includes sex, Venus in Pisces is happy to oblige.


Amethyst is the stone for Pisces in general, and anyone with Venus in Pisces would love such a gift.

People with this position usually are musically talented. Playing music or dancing will always enhance her love life.

One of the reasons that Venus is considered well placed in Pisces is because the erotic love that Venus represents is heightened by the universal love that Neptune, Pisces's planet, represents. In terms of sex, this means that not only will you have a good time, but also the experience could be divine and awaken all sorts of pleasure centers that you didn't know that you had.

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