Pisces's Weaknesses and Foibles

Due to Pisces's extreme sensitivity, this sign is not a model of robust health. He is affected by changes in the weather, mood, and anything he eats or drinks that is not harmonious with his system. He frequently overindulges in liquor that leaves him weak and hung over.

Pisces knows how to take care of her physical and psychic health. She may be a lifelong shopper at the health-food store and take many vitamins to support her sensitive system. This type of mature Pisces will not only be a smooth and sexy partner, but also will be an example of how to combine clean living with awesome sex.

The Pisces rhythm is slow. Before a Pisces will have sex with anyone, he needs to feel out the situation. It is unusual for a Pisces to see, beckon, and have sex. The only exception to this is when he has had a wee bit too much to drink. If alcohol does not totally impair his sexual functioning, then under the influence many unexpected things may happen.


Pisces will rarely confront a lover to improve the physical aspect between them. If sex is not working out, she will make a vague excuse about taking care of something and be gone. Pisces cannot easily verbally describe what she wants and needs. You will only know from her nonverbal communication.

A definite Pisces weakness is falling into the blahs. This apathy may come upon him when he is stressed or just world weary. During these times he is not very interested in sex or anything else and will just mope around. The best antidote for the Piscean blahs is to let him know that you need sex now, and that he is the only one who can help you out of your predicament. Pisces can respond to this call for help very well, and it will shake him out of the depths of whatever wallowing he may be indulging in.

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