What Turns Libra On — and Off

Libra is turned on by being out in social occasions with her special date. While she is socializing with others, the tingle of knowing what comes afterward when she and her mate are alone is tremendously exciting.

The refined nature of Libra's mind sometimes gives her a snobby opinion of other people. She requires a very put-together look that fits in with the occasion, and does not like anything too dramatic or ostentatious. Innately, a Libran knows good clothes, and wants her partner to wear them. She will probably have the hots for silk lingerie, but only if it is comfortable. And after a party, she may be happy to fall into bed wearing her ivory bustier.

When Libra's romantic idea machine is activated, he responds passionately to his lover, but there is little that is truly wild and abandoned with Libra in the sex department. He has a strong sex drive but is not unpredictable. He can mirror the way you'd like it and is happy to please, but his turn-ons are conventional: kissing, cuddling, two or three tried-and-true positions, and if you spend the night, spooning.

This repertoire is never boring because there is such delight and charm being with Libra that you feel satisfied even if you have a penchant for more experimental sex. A rhythm in lovemaking that is steady is also a turn-on for Libra. At the grand finale he can be very vocal, but never loud enough to wake up neighbors.


Libra rules the kidneys, which are not noteworthy for inspiring sexy feelings. But the area of the lower back is sensitive. Massage this area, and if you stroke or put slight pressure on this area when in the midst of making love, it will be especially satisfying.

The major turn-off for Libra is not feeling wanted. She has difficulty overcoming a feeling of rejection if, for any reason, her lover is not in the mood. She can pout and cajole and be charming, but may become whiny when she doesn't get what she wants. If her lover isn't keen too many times when she is, then that's the end of the relationship.

Also Libra is not keen on dirty talk or crude language. Talking about sex and bodily functions is a turn-off. Librans, whatever they do in the bedroom, like to be ladies and gentlemen.

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