The Libra Woman

Venus, goddess of beauty and love, is Libra's ruler, and don't ever forget it. The Libra woman loves everything to do with pursuing, keeping, renewing, and revitalizing a one-on-one relationship. She may be better at a relationship with a lover and have real problems staying “just friends” if the nature of her or your desire changes.

This lady is also a terrible flirt. Her smile is so charming and lights up her entire face. This is genuine and makes men on the street happy that she has greeted them.

In more intimate surroundings, the Libra woman demands lots of romance; lots of attention to seductive details such as mood music, flowers, scent, and beautiful bed linens. Her fiddling with the atmosphere might make a lustier sign impatient.

She'll enjoy sex if you enjoy sex, but may be a little shy about discussing it. As the queen, she somehow expects her king to know exactly what she would like. If this slightly old-fashioned scenario is not producing results, Libra will find a very cute and non-confrontational way to say, “Darling, why don't you try this?” Then you both will be content.


The left side of the hip leading down to the thigh is a place most Libran men find highly stimulating. You can start by caressing that sweet spot, and move right on down from there.

Libra women have a masculine side, and out of the bedroom can be very assertive. The sign is frequently described as the steel hand in a velvet glove. She is so tactful and mindful of another's feelings that before you know what hit you, you are in the romantic idyll that Libra needs as a prelude for more intimate contact.

She will be a fabulous ear nuzzler, loves to caress your neck, and worships the fact that you take the time to keep your body fit. It all redounds to her credit because she is in love with love, and for this moment, that love is you.

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