The Libra Man

As Libra symbolizes the desire to balance opposites, you may expect a Libra man to be highly attuned to his feminine side. He has a refined sense of taste and beauty, and will want his lover to be stylish, gentle, and outwardly a lady.

In the bedroom, he will be happy with a vixen. Being friendly with his own feminine side makes a Libra man a terrific lover who is able to intuit exactly what will please his main squeeze. And his charming smile will more than likely ensure that he, in turn, receives what he needs and desires.

It's all a question of balance with Libra, and as the zodiac's most partnership-oriented sign, the Libra man knows the give and take of sex without even trying.

As an air sign, he may be more tuned into the mental idea of sex than physical lust. He will put his partner on a pedestal, and when imagining her as Venus de Milo, could be shocked when he realizes that she is flesh and blood and not a perfect statue.

Getting down to it physically may take a little time, and the Libra man can be thrown by little bumps. For example, if the phone rings in the middle of things, it will take him a while to get back on course. But he will re-engage and keep going to a good conclusion.


A Libra man will not enjoy watching sexy videos of other people, but he may be enough of an exhibitionist to make one for himself. If he feels confident in his and his lover's looks, it could be a sexy night while the cameras are rolling.

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