Libra's Weaknesses and Foibles

Physically, Libra is not robust. In the boudoir this means that all-night sex marathons are a rare occasion. Libra heats up just fine, but after “making the beast with two backs,” as Shakespeare put it, Libra is ready for a deep sleep.

He is also not wild about highly adventurous sexual practices or positions. Bondage and discipline hold little appeal, and anything to do with bottoms makes him a bit squeamish. A Libran may enjoy being dominant, but the accoutrements of whips and leather are too extreme for his sense of good taste. If you want to use a set of silken ropes that glide easily over the skin, Libra might give this a try.

Like her fellow air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, Libra has a touch of claustrophobia and will not be sexually responsive in any way if she is in an environment that is narrow, dark, and stuffy. Doing it in caves, tunnels, or even parked cars on a secluded lane could produce a panic attack.


Libra has a sweet tooth and would be happy dribbling jellybeans down his lover's body and then eating them one by one.

Lastly, it must be said that Libra can be a merciless flirt and delights in attracting a partner and not following through: the word on the street for such a person is a cocktease, but this usually refers to a woman. Consider this tendency a unisex foible of all Librans.


Flowers heal all Libran problems. Woo her with them, make up after a fight with them, surprise her with them, congratulate her with them. The language of flowers is something that Libra prizes.

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