Libra's Strengths and Specialties

This sign above all others is interested in pleasing his partner. He will push himself to explore wilder sex than he might initiate if it will delight his lover. He also is an equal-orgasm lover and will do everything possible to get the timing right so no one feels cheated.

Two great strengths for a Libra are his beauty and charm. He will take care of himself, wear clothes that suit him perfectly, and compliment and appreciate the way his lover looks. Libra is strongest when he is in a partnership. Intimate relations for Libra are part of an aesthetic and physical desire. Not only should making love feel good, it should be beautiful; it shouldn't include scratchy garments, harsh lighting, tawdry rooms, or impromptu hidden corners.


Heavy perfume or cologne are major turn-offs for Libra.

Once you have the surroundings, foreplay does not have to be touching, kissing, or oral sex. The best way to get a Libra hot is to invent a romantic date for the two of you in an elegant atmosphere. It doesn't have to be expensive, just romantic, but Burger King will not cut it.

A little-known tip about Libra's sexual desires is that she enjoys physical sensation on both sides of the body. A kiss on the left breast means a kiss on the right breast should be next. This will add a certain je ne sais quoi to your date and encourage a repeat.

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