What Turns Leo On — and Off

Leo is turned on by attention: undivided, direct, and unwavering. Don't take phone calls when you are with her, eliminate interruptions in the bedroom, and maintain eye contact during intimate moments. Leo likes to see as well as feel.

Leo is also turned on by the drama of the entire sexual experience. She doesn't like to compartmentalize: first do this, next that, and then finish up with such-and-such. Leo's passion leads and dictates whether there are kisses all over the body and then you get together, or maybe the feeling is so strong that there are no preliminaries, and you go for the gold immediately. Every time you get physical there will be a different springboard to sex.

A major turn-on for Leo is being with someone who is generous. If you are a stingy type, hide it if you want to score with Leo. A Leo leaves big tips whether or not he is wealthy. Being free with money makes him feel good and powerful.

Leo also prefers a glamorous lifestyle, with flashy clothes and top-notch accessories. He requires a lover who can rise to any social occasion. Half of Leo's seduction strategy is scooping up the belle of the ball and then showing her how life can be even better with a Leo.


Leo's hair may be her prized possession. Stroke it, brush it, caress it, buy grooming products for it, and watch out if she says it is a bad hair day — then the whole day, and perhaps night, will not be happy. She will either need sex to console her, or be in such a funk that nothing but ice cream will help.

Turn-offs are people who are halfhearted and don't approach life and sex with their all. Leo doesn't mind if a few things don't work out, but reticence and wimpiness frustrate her and snuff out her enthusiasm. Leo doesn't like to supply all the energy or coax someone into having a good time. She will and can lead, but her lover must be a worthy follower.

Leo loves images and is very status-conscious. She may fall for someone who suits her image of a good lover and be disappointed when he falls short of expectations. The packaging can be more important than the contents. But Leo still demands good and fashionable packaging.

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