The Leo Woman

The Leo woman can be a prima donna and very seductive and choosy about her lovers. She will check and then check again to make sure that connecting with a certain guy will enhance her image. This is not a mental process, but instinct.

Leo ladies do not want anyone with less verve than they have. The women are ballsy but smart enough to know how to moderate their aggression when out on a date. This means that she wants her man to be macho. She doesn't mind sensitivity, and she doesn't mind vulnerability, but if he makes the first move, then he pays for the date. She will return the invitation and be happy to treat, but don't try splitting the bill. It smacks of the ordinary for Leo, and she hates that.

In the bedroom, watch the contented Leo lady become a purring kitten. If she is really turned on, she becomes a wildcat, scratching and biting and slightly out of control.

She is passionate, and if she finds a match, she will let it all hang out. She may not be as experimental in bed as other signs, but the quality of her sexual expression and what she generously offers to her lover more than make up for the lack of any strange experimenting.


Leo ladies are very concerned with their appearance, and dress for delight and seduction. They are usually very good-looking and like emphasizing their breasts and bottoms — which they work hard to keep firm and appealing. Their style is flashy, and they love wearing jewelry.

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