The Leo Man

Leo is a masculine sign and usually very virile. The men are good looking and are sexy because they are caring, protective people. A Leo man has a courtly deference to his lady. He is gallant and only sorry that today's fashions do not include swirling cloaks and a plumed hat for him to doff in front of women. The gesture is all-important with Leo man.

As a lover he will want his lady to look good and be very self-possessed. He is not interested in weepy emotions and sentimentality. All that water puts out his fire, and he mistrusts it.

The Leo man is playful, and if he starts jumping on the bed and bouncing you along with him, he wants you to play too. Once you are both reclining, Leo will lavish attention on all parts of his lover's body. This undertaking will be accompanied with appreciative smacking noises and lots of fun.

When approaching sensitive areas, he will appreciate knowing that he has found the right spot. Try moans and purrs rather than words.

Leo understands nonverbal satisfaction very well. Leo has a big ego and needs attention. He wants to know he is the best, and if you throw in numerous compliments about the size, elegance, and beauty of his penis, you will bring out the best in him.

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