Sex Planets: Mars and Venus

To learn more about yourself and your lover, see where Venus and Mars are located in your or your lover's chart. Knowing this position will give you even more information about what you and your lover find hot and exciting.

Mars in Leo

Energetic Mars is well placed in flashy, fiery Leo. People with this placement are born showmen and enjoying making a big deal of everything they do. Seduction is a big deal, and sex is an even bigger deal.

There may be a small tendency to exaggerate sexual prowess and success with this placement. Men may boast of ladies they have bedded, and women will casually refer to their list of conquests. This is all in the service of increasing importance and desirability. Mars in Leo does not mean a man must lie; he just likes the feeling of being important.

This placement loves mirrors. He checks himself out in every mirror he passes, enjoys special mirrors in the bedroom for visual enhancement, and may carry a pocket mirror in case insecurity threatens. The insecurity comes because of Mars in Leo's tendency to exaggerate. He loves mirrors because seeing his reflection grounds him and assures him that he is as good-looking and desirable as he believes himself to be. The good news for Mars in Leo is that the mirrors usually don't lie.


Concentrate on the soft hair between the eyebrows or on a downy cheek. It's a subtle feeling, but one that Mars in Leo appreciates.

Venus in Leo

Men and women with this placement love beauty and the arts. They dream big and pay attention to their homes with an eye for beauty, and also to impress. Columns on the front porch or a gazebo in the backyard give Venus in Leo the feeling of the estate they feel they belong in.

Sexually, these people are flirts and teases. Venus in Leo has a lot of pride, and it is wrapped up in sexual prowess and conquest. Playing around means giving rise to all manner of fantasy and wildness. She likes to dominate a sexual relationship until it gets serious.

If the fling becomes a commitment, the women will become demure and kittenish, and the men almost Tarzan-like. A commitment means having a stake in society, and Venus in Leo wants that to be respectable.

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