Setting the Scene

With a hibiscus flower behind one ear and basking in a warm, sunny place, Leo prowls for the perfect spot for sex. It could be outdoors, indoors in a luxurious room, in the back of a swank limousine, or the corner office on the 24th floor with the perfect view.

Wherever Leo gets together, the setting must be posh and as luxe as possible. Orange water on the sheets or a tryst in the private patio hammock will encourage Leo's passion. Leo is athletic enough to manage sex on any kind of furniture.

Light the lamp, open the blinds, or at night have lots of candles. Leo likes to see the beauty and pleasure that await. If your private date follows going out and being seen by friends and people who admire you, it will add zest to sex.


Leo loves jewelry, especially big, flashy stones. They can be faux or real, but they have to be noticeable to really rate with Leo. Giving jewelry as gifts will ensure that the Leo sparkle will bring greater delights.

The first move for Leo is loving the mane. With a few well-chosen compliments, followed by brushing and caressing hair, you may not need much more to invite hot and enjoyable sex.

The early morning and late night are both prime times for Leo. Start lying side-by-side, and then let the Leo man dominate. Leo ladies are kittens in bed and expect the first move to come from their lovers.

Wherever you are, have two robes available, one robe monogrammed with the Superman logo, and one with the Wonder Woman logo. There is no doubt that these robes will encourage the famous Leo ego to be at its best. Enjoy!

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