Leo's Weaknesses and Foibles

Leo holds tension in her back, and if she is worried or not sure that the affair is going to work out, she will feel stiffness there. Massage or a little bit of dirty dancing just to make things dramatic will limber her up. Leo does not require romance, as Libra does, but it won't hurt.

The greatest weakness in Leo's sexual character is the tendency to monopolize his lover's attention. He wants to receive pleasure and the complete attention of his partner. He is generous and will want you to feel satisfied also, but if he doesn't feel your approval and applause 100 percent for the magnificent experience he has just given you, he will deflate, pout, and be very testy. Leo is never overtly angry, but his pride is formidable, and anything that affects performance will undoubtedly be your fault. Lots of ego stroking is needed here.

After some time and experience together, Leo will turn off the roaring pride and begin to trust, but like the lions who circle each other, vying for the lionesses' attention, Leo wants to know for this encounter that he is your one and only.

For all Leo's exhibitionist tendencies, Leo lovers can be very self-conscious, especially if she has worries about looks or body type. It will take a long time for her to uncover what she doesn't like about herself. Sexually it may not affect her performance, but as a mark of intimacy it might take her a while to get comfortable.

Even with some self-consciousness, Leo is very honest about how the orgasm experience turns out. She won't criticize you or feel diminished if things weren't so hot because there will always be another chance … and it could be that very night.


Leo men like to wear jewelry such as cuff links, tie tacks, gold bracelets, and perhaps a gold chain. He might also wear an earring. Make sure the jewelry is gold. Leos do not care for silver or even platinum. If you want to please him, consider giving any of these as gifts.

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