Leo's Strengths and Specialties

Leo's greatest strength may be his daring with all sexual encounters. Whichever way passion leads, he will go there. Innately, Leo is not particularly kinky, and he will eschew slave-master scenarios. He knows that he is the leader and does not need to role-play.

He is athletic and very responsive to temperature. He tends to run hot, and will enjoy lovemaking in the heat. It's all fire to him. Daring for Leo means having sex in public places, teasing, and casting meaningful glances in inappropriate settings, the last two of which may lead both people to hide for a bit, with lots of seductive moves and suggestions before getting down to it.

Although Leo usually likes a glamorous lover and is very impressed by exciting, worldly accomplishments, she will take a chance on a diamond in the rough if her libido is piqued. Also, Leo enjoys lovers that are younger than she is. The guiding and educating role is a natural one for her in all areas of life, and when pleasure is involved, she naturally gravitates to leading the way.

The area of the body ruled by Leo is the heart, and for Leo, this means ardor and passion that is not phony. This sign believes in truth of expression. Lovemaking, no matter how long the affair lasts, comes from the heart. Leo will be petulant and wounded if you doubt his sincerity. He will also not cotton to a partner who is superficial. Playing games is delightful for Leo, but they must be backed up by feeling and intensity.


All citrus scents such as lemon, lemon verbena, and orange are major turn-ons for Leo. Couple these scents with red, yellow, and orange décor, and you will inflame the Lion's passion.

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